5 Reasons Why DesolatorMagic Is Good For MTG

5 Reasons DesolatorMagic Is Good For MTG

Whether you love him or hate him, DesolatorMagic is one of these most prominent voices in the online MTG community. I have watched his videos for over a year now and trust me, I get it. DesolatorMagic isn’t all sunshine and unicorn hugs, like many of the other top MTG channels on Youtube. He is brash, hates NetDeckers, shares a fair bit of hate for SJWs, brags about his own creations and often makes claims that seem more than a bit outlandish. In a way, he has an almost Trumpian flair, but since it doesn’t decide my future, I am totally okay with it.

Here are the 5 reasons why, despite the reasons above, I think his content is valuable:

1. MTG Mistakes Is Packed With Valuable Information

I found DesolatorMagic’s channel as a nascent MTG player looking to build up the confidence to go to my first FNM. I was regularly playing kitchen table Magic with a group of friends and frequently getting slaughtered by an Atarka Red offshoot. So, I started digging for tips to play better and came across his videos. While not every single MTG Mistakes video is earth-shattering, listening to these videos did more for me than any other Youtube channel has.

You might snicker at how much he talks about hypergeometric distribution, but for a new player that shit is useful, so are tons of the other 30+ tips. After binging this series, I immediately saw an uptick in wins playing kitchen table and ended up going to my first ever FNM, where I got 9th out of a pool of over 30. Two of my losses were to the same Seige Rhino deck and I immediately understood his constant pot shots at NetDecking.

2. A Voice For Deck-First Players

I’ll admit it, I don’t enjoy playing with or against NetDecks. While a big part of that is rooted in my desire to be creative, there is more to it. For me, MTG is about reactions both in and out of the game. If one or both decks are well-known, so much of the guessing is removed from the game. The paradigm shifts from what card will my opponent play, to when will my opponent play card x. I understand wanting an established meta to master, but I am seeking adventure when I sit down to play. All adventures might have an end, but the middle is what defines the experience.

Sure, Desolator is a little more in your face about why he doesn’t like NetDecks, but in a sea of videos discussing NetDecks his shared distaste for them is refreshing. Deck-first players are under-represented in my community, and seemingly across the game as a whole.

3. Unique Perspective

I don’t play professionally and I never will. Many of the top Youtubers cater to a player who wants to be competitive more than anything else, diving into top decks/cards and why you should play them. While I am not a fan of losing, I know there are players who are ready willing and able to spend more time and energy tracking trends, top decks, and multiple formats. I tune into Pro Tours, but I only know a couple of the people playing. Desolator does not approach the game from a hyper-competitive standpoint, but he still talks strategy.

4. He Calls WoTC Out

All companies make mistakes, and WoTC is no exception. Part of WoTC’s “mistakes” are due to the fact that there are so many opinions on where the game should go, but a lot of them are due to simple oversights. I love Wizards, but I am surprised what they let slip through the cracks.

  • Box mapping in EMN
  • Forgetting to print Energy tokens
  • Conspiracy monarch token typo

Riding Wizards for their mistakes might not be all that constructive, but in the case of the EMN box mapping it was extremely good to know. Some of it comes down to luck, but my pulls on that set were the most disappointing I have ever had. His no-holds-barred response to mistakes does make sure consumers are aware there is an issue.

5. DesolatorMagic Is Entertaining

At the end of the day, Youtube is an entertainment source and I am genuinely entertained by Desolator. He is confident, boisterous, and a bit all over the place, which all comes together to form an unexplainable charisma. Whether or not you believe him, you keep coming back to listen to him rant.

His barrage of negative Youtube comments is evidence of this phenomenon. People can’t resist the chance to take a jab at the guy, but if they didn’t want to listen to him, they wouldn’t.


Let me know what you think in the comments below.


DesolatorMagic: https://goo.gl/T1Czcm

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